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LesLee Nelson

I have always had an interest in animals as far back as i can remember. As a child I would bring home frogs, dragon flies with hurt wings, you name it. As I grew older I never really planned on working with animals, until the summer of 1989 when I applied for a job I discovered in the newspaper for a kennel tech. at a local vet hospital, and the journey in the pet business has continued off/on until today.

Animals amaze me with tolerance, healing and undying trust. Although their lives are so short, they are the perfect picture of a life lived to its fullest. I have always felt as if pets give us that love we all search and long for in each other. Aside from my family at work, my heaven on earth is spending anytime, anywhere with my two sons, the beach and being at a SF Giants baseball game.

" There is nothing like the smell of the field and the sound of the ball hitting a mitt" As a child, saved a black widow and her nest. That is, until trillions of spiders hatched and mom found out.