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Stacy Stewart

As I grew up, our family was known as the local zoo. We had every critter off the street that you can think of. My mother never turned away a hurt or nursing baby, and I followed in her footsteps. I knew to be happy in my career, I needed to help and care for animals. During my time in Humboldt I was able to do Wildlife rescue after an oil spill and I KNEW this is my calling.

I have worked at the Animal Clinic since Aug. 1999. I started as a kennel technician, then moved to reception, then Veterinary assistant and now my current position as Office Manager. I enjoy knowing that when I come to work, I can possibly make a difference in an animals life and possibly ease the concern of their owner. We have a great, fabulous mixture of staff that I call my “work family”.

I bought a house a few years back and live there with my 2 rescue dogs, Tika and Dede, and 6 (over a span of 15 years) of my bottle fed baby kittens, who are now cats; Bunny Boy, Mimi, Slim Jim, Poppy, Possum and Stewie! I love my crazy fuzzy crew and would never trade them for anything!

Grew up in Stockton, Ca.Attended college in Humboldt Ca. (loves the Redwoods)Loves her babies (pets), gardening, swimming, reading, hiking and road trips